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I think I have figured out why I like reading mysteries and thrillers. For me, they are quick reads. I cannot put them down. I am always sitting on the edge of my seat and have to read the next chapter. That is exactly what an author loves, right?

“The Rook” by Steven James

The Rook (The Bowers Files Book #2) by [James, Steven]  I read a book by Steven James about four years ago and I have been in love with his books and style for years. I will tell you a few of the reasons I so enjoy these books. The chapters are short. If I know have a minute or two, I can read a chapter. I take the book wherever I go, and will have the entire book devoured in a couple of days. Another reason I love these stories is that Mr. James uses both first and third person POV. I happen to be one of the oddballs who love first person POV, and whenever the story focuses on the protagonist, it is written in first person. All other characters are written in third person.

I will say this about Mr. James’s writing – he is a very detailed writer and is very graphic. His stories are not for the weak-stomached.  Although he would be considered “clean”, since he does not use foul language or have any sex in his books, some would think the graphic nature too much. He touches on Christianity as characters are slowly figuring out their relationship with the Lord.

The Rook is the second book in the Patrick Bowers series. Pat is an FBI investigator that has a very specific job which is so very fascinating.. (I couldn’t even begin to explain. You will have to read it.) He has a step-daughter who he is trying to forge a relationship with as he traipses across the nation trying to solve crimes.  The struggle he faces on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis between his work and his familial responsibilities provides constant conflict. This story is set in San Diego where Pat and Tessa, his step-daughter, find themselves caught up in trying to solve a case involving arson. Only maybe things are not exactly what they seem? I REALLY want to give away the awesome ending, but I will refrain.

If you love thriller mysteries that are clean, this whole series is PERFECT for you!


“Two Days in Caracas” by Luana Ehrlich

Two Days in Caracas: A Titus Ray Thriller by [Ehrlich, Luana]This is the second book in the series, the first being “One Night in Tehran.” Like the first in the series, this one is fast-paced and is “current.” It focuses on the current political climate.

The main character, Titus, is an agent who loves his job. Since he works for the government, everything tends to have a political twist. He travels to foreign countries to try to uncover some terrorist activity. He partners with others from his past, some of whom he silently questions.

As far as the spiritual content goes, Titus himself is a new believer and he tries to understand how the Lord is working in his life. The Christian content of this book is very subtle and  personal. It is not at all preachy.

If you enjoy political thrillers/mysteries, this book is for you!


“Three Weeks in Washington” by Luana Ehrlich

Three Weeks in Washington: A Titus Ray Thriller by [Ehrlich, Luana]

Titus Ray returns in this third  of the trilogy. He was hoping for a short vacation, but is caught up in a “situation” where he has to be in Washington DC trying uncover another plot to overthrow the government.

His new love interest ends up moving to Virginia and he elicits her advice on how to proceed in investigating the suspects. She is able to add valuable insight, despite the fact that Titus still has to work with some that he is not sure he can trust.

I am still LOVING the series and I seriously hope that Ms. Ehrlich continues the series.  The characters have been very well developed and I would like to see what they end up doing.





I do hope that if are able to read any of these titles, or if you have already read them, you will be so kind as to let me know what YOU think. Also, it really does help the authors to give them reviews on Amazon. Christian mysteries/thrillers are hard to find, but finding great stories are even harder. These authors and their stories are tops in my opinion.


Happy reading!





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  1. Thank you for the recommendations on thrillers. I love them. It’s one of my favorite genres.

  2. Steven James is AWESOME. He’s one of the few writers who does a cool first person well. But, the violence is a bit much for some people. I tend tob e squeamish and have no trouble, but I know quite a few people who really struggle with his work.

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