Surviving Simply

Today I want to talk about simplicity.

For the last several months I have been working on getting the outlines wriSimplify word on blackboard Royalty Free Stock Photographytten and much of the research done for my books. I found myself more caught up in the research than the actual writing of those books. And this morning, it occurred to me…My heart is yearning for simplicity.

So what research have I been doing that is leading me to this point? My character is forced to live in a way that she has NOT been accustomed to and yet she has longed for. Simple-living. There are three factoring points I want to share that are also MY heart’s desire.


Essential Oils

My characterEssential oils and medical flowers herbs Stock Photos longs for basic well-being. She uses essential oils instead of traditional medicines, mainly because she is not able to afford health insurance, but also because she is longing for a more holistic form of healing – one that heals her emotions as well as her body. I am at this point as well. The more I learn about essential oils, I see how simple it is. After all, Jesus referenced them and they were used in Biblical times. If they are good enough for Him, they are good enough for me!

I am learning so much about the various ways those oils are used and how relatively inexpensive they are (compared to drugs). In fact, I would like to share two examples of how they have helped me.

The other night, before bed, I felt a sinus headache coming on. A front was coming in and I usually have those sinus headaches. I looked down at my essential oils and thought, “Something here should help me.” I picked up the Eucalyptus bottle and held it under my nose and breathed in and out, deeply, for about fifteen seconds. Headache gone! Slept like a baby! That is one way it helped me physically.

Then there was a blend that I found and I put it in my diffuser. I closed my eyes and for a split second I was five years old, playing with my brother on the sidewalk in Washington state while my parents attended a meeting. Why that time and memory? After consideration and discussing it with my mom, it came to me. It was a time when I felt safe, comfortable, and even a bit independent. This may sound hokey to some, but I TOTALLY believe in the healing power of scents. So from now on, when I am feeling a bit scared, ill-at-ease, or even a bit worried, I know that I can plug that scent in or even just breathe it in and I will feel more confident, assured, and even more secure.


Minimalism/Paring down

So, my character is forced, as I stated previously, to live with less. I look around my home and I see “stuff” that I have collected over the years. I thought it would bring me joy or that I really needed it for one reason or another. But basically, once I bought an item and used it a few times, I discovered that it didn’t bring me the joy that I thought it would. Then I had buyer’s remorse. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, the more I look around my home and see how I am living, the more I want to put everything, that I KNOW brings me happiness, into a box and take that box with me wherever I go. I would rest assured that I would be content. So, what would I put into that box?

  • Bible
  • Computer
  • Phone
  • all chargers
  • fountain pens and ink
  • a few notebooks to write in
  • Essential oils
  • SD cards that have all my pictures
  • Crochet hooks and a bit of my yarn
  • Few books that I have cherished

So that’s it! Does that sound extreme to you? Well, the whole idea of minimalism is to get rid of those things which cause stress. The aforementioned items seem to be the only things that do NOT do that. Well, except for when my computer acts up.


Tiny House/RV

The character in my story buys an RV in which she lives for at least a year (the story is not finished, so she might end up there for even longer). For many years I have been wanting a tiny space to live in. Even growing up, I had asked for the smallest bedroom in the house. I don’t know, maybe it was the cozy feeling, but today, I am believing that it is for that minimalist feeling.

So what is the draw to a tiny house or an RV? Less stress – that is the bottom line. Cleaning and upkeep of a house is stressful. If IImage result for tiny house am taking hours cleaning, that is hours that I am not able to spend writing, reading, taking a walk, visiting with a friend or family member, or crocheting a blanket or scarf. If I spend an hour making a huge meal, only for it to be eaten in ten minutes, I feel as if I have wasted so much time in the kitchen. My time could be better spent.

The whole idea of getting rid of stuff that doesn’t bring me joy is very scary, sure, but it is liberating as well. If I don’t have a hundred items of clothing to choose from, and only have twenty, I won’t be stressed out deciding what I want to wear. I won’t have to keep the closet full of things that I rarely wear and don’t LOVE.

Can anyone else relate? Now, I am not talking RADICAL change here. I am not going to buy a composting toilet or sell everything I own. After all, I do have a family. And at this point they do not have the same compunctions as I do. However, I can be responsible for my own items. I have my own things that I brought into this marriage and I think that I can safely say that I can do without much of it. Who knows, maybe I will find that downsizing is too much work. Or perhaps my guys will see how much nicer it is to have less stuff to stress over. Either way, I need to make a change, and this just seems like the easy thing to do. One small step I can take towards becoming more free.

So, what about you, my friend. Have you done anything in your life such as this? Have you downsized? Was it more difficult than you thought it would be? Have you had any regrets? Please share your thoughts with me. I would like to think there are others out there that can understand the way I…er…my character might feel.

Until next time…



5 thoughts on “Surviving Simply

  1. I know I wouldn’t be good at minimizing my things. I do know I have way too much “stuff”. Thank you for something to think about!

    1. I have too much stuff myself, but when I think of everything I have, my blood pressure goes up.

    1. Gail, I think there are so many ways scents can help us. Do you have a specific way you know essential oils to have helped you?

      1. One way oils help me is by alleviating stress. When I was caring for my mother-in-law during her fight with breast cancer, I didn’t have time to reflect. The days were just action and reaction. At the end of the day, I would soak in the tub with scented oils. It was an escape from reality. My mother-in-law passed fifteen years ago. I still miss her. Loved this post.

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