Hello, my name is Petra (pronounced Pay’-truh), and I love everything pertaining to words. I am, by nature, an extrovert, and I often find myself spending time with others, connecting with them, encouraging them, crying with them, laughing with them, and praying with them.

I spend most of my down time either reading, writing, editing, reading about writing, reading about editing, watching movies about writing and reading, reading book reviews, and sneaking chocolate in whenever I can (not necessarily in that order). My passion is editing, since it appeals to my left-brain self.

I love the Lord and give Him all the glory for my peaks as well as my valleys. He is the one Who has given me my drive and passion for words as well as THE Word.

I am available to help you with your editing needs. Please check out the reviews and ask any questions you might have. I am more than happy to help.