Hurry Up and Wait

Waiting has always been difficult for me – as for many, I suppose. I have a tendency to want to be in control of every aspect of my life. And, of course, that just gives the Lord a chuckle at times, I am sure.

The last month has proven to be one of those seasons in my life where the Lord just wants me to lean on Him and His timing. My carnal nature struggles with that, that planner that I am, because I really like knowing what to expect. But right now, with the circumstances in which I find myself, I am learning how to be still “…and know that [He is] God.”

In this world of making everything faster, it seems that even my waiting has become “fast.” Silly, I know, but if I have to wait, that is fine, just make it quick. It seems that I tend to get frustrated with others’ “slowness” as much as my own.

But God has a special way of making sure that I slow down – and that is called “husband.” Yes, that’s right. I have one of those special men who makes sure that I stop, relax, and wait.  Good thing my husband has a measure of patience when it comes to dealing with some things. I will say that I give him a rough time because of it.

Let me share a testimony. . .

I started this website and got very anxious to get my freelance editing career off to a start. Well, I had some very distressing news about a close family member. My free time would no longer be my own since I would be mentally and emotionally tied to this new situation. I had been planning this HUGE promotion for my business, but my sweet hubby strongly cautioned me against going forward since I may have to quickly change gears and not be able to fulfill my obligations. Well, after a few days of wishing and hoping, I realized that there had been an email in my inbox that I had not seen (being so busy with family). This email was asking for my editing services. You could have blown me over with a feather that afternoon! The Lord, in His wisdom and mercy, saw fit to bless me in a special way. In His timing!

I don’t know why I have such difficulty leaning on Him. He has always proven faithful. He has proven Himself trustworthy. And He has proven His love and care for me, his restless and controlling child. Wow. . .I am really going to have to hurry up and wait more often!

How is the Lord asking you to wait for Him? Share with me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. I remember someone saying once that God is a God of the “last minute.” By that, she meant that the Lord is always EXACTLY on time–EXACTLY when we need Him, He’s there, or He provides, or whatever. We see it as “late” or “last minute” but it’s not. It’s precisely when we need Him most.

  2. Well, as you well know, I am waiting for His healing. Waiting sometimes provides answers that we can’t get if our prayers are answered quickly. He teaches us much in the waiting period and prepares us just as a pregnant mom waits 9 months for her body to get ready for that baby and that birth. Just imagine if you didn’t have all that time of waiting.

  3. I am always amazed by how God’s provision arrives differently and better than what I expect, always leaves me stretched and sore because I initially battle. Ugh… His ways and timing are ALWAYS perfect, even though there are moments we are foolish enough to question and doubt. He is always faithful and good. Glory to His name!! May we continue to grow in faith and lean on Him, surrendered, hoping, and expecting GREAT things!!! Big hug!!

  4. Someone once said we are a microwave people serving a crockpot God. That’s me. But I’m learning. ? Enjoyed the post.

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