Do you have specific genres you edit?

I’ll edit any genre so long as it is Christian-based. I’ve edited historical, romance, contemporary, suspense, and fan fiction.

What experience do you have?

I’ve edited seven titles for a publishing company, and for two independent author. All of which are published and available on Amazon.

What specific editing classes have you taken?

“The Keys to Effective Editing”

How many books have you written?

I’ve written as a child, but nothing published. . .yet.

What special skills do you have that qualify you as an editor?

First and foremost, I’m a good listener. I listen to what the author wants. Secondly, I’m an avid reader. And thirdly, I’m one of the world’s biggest perfectionists. I’ve been called a grammar geek by some.

What books will you not edit?

I will not edit anything with gratuitous sex or gratuitous violence. I also will not edit manuscripts with curse words. I do not believe, as a Christian, that these items have a place in Christian fiction. I am okay with violence that needs to be included for the sake of the story.