Welcome to my world!

My love for words started when I was in Kindergarten at the age of four, and I stole a book from my class’s bookshelf. I knew it was wrong, but I could NOT get enough of the words. I cannot remember if I returned it or not, but I am fairly certain that I did, if my parents had anything to say about it.

All through elementary school and high school, I loved my English classes. I was the weird kid who looked forward to diagramming sentences and homework. As a child, I  visited a relative who saved all of her English worksheets from the previous school year. I relished working those worksheets over and over again. Acting like a teacher, I forced my younger brother to sit and do them. I LOVED a red pen and making marks on his papers.

I had every intention of majoring in English when I got to college, but my teacher always tore me down, never explaining to me the reasons. My dreams were dashed. I quickly finished my Associates Degree and wanted to start life.

In 1987, I was married and had three children. After twenty-three years my marriage dissolved, leaving me on my own again. I met my current husband in 2012 and, after being great friends for a few years, we married in 20 14. He has a son who is now fifteen. We started our family a little later, but so much wiser.